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Structural Measurement Kit

  • Craniometer
  • Goniometer
  • Plumb-bob
  • TMJ Trimeasure

Price : $59.95

Goniometer 12 inch
The Goniometer is a measuring tool that allows you to precisely determine the degree of distortion in various areas of the body. Clear acrylic, approx. 12" in length.
Price : $29.95
St. John seminars specially designed this tool for the cranial stabilization and decompression techniques taught in NMT 5 and NMT 8B. This tool is used as a set of levels to check the alignment of the cranial bones.
Price : $24.95

TMJ Trimeasure

This tool is used to evaluate the position of the temporomandibular joint. Taking accurate measurements is the first step in the treatment process taught in NMT 4.
Price : $12.50
Plumbline and Plumb Bob: Measurement Device
The reliable way to look at postural distortions in the mid-saggital, coronal planes as well as projection and cervical deviations. Used to determine a vertical or perpendicular plumbline.
Price : $4.95

St. John Leg Leveler
Kit developed by St. John seminars to assist the therapist in correctly evaluating anatomical leg length differences in clients / patients.  Kit includes 5 durable calibrated foam lifts (2, 3, 4, 6 and 10 mm), a carrying case and micrometer. *Sold separately, is the Instructional Video for Analyzing Leg Length Differences
Price : $79.95
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