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Cervical Injuries, Postural Analysis & Pelvic Stabilization (21 CEUs)
Learn the fundamentals of the St. John Method of Neuromuscular Therapy, especially, how to measure and evaluate your patients so that you can build a proper treatment protocol. Learn precise methods of treating the anterior and posterior cervical regions to help correct dysfunctional movement and structural patterns and relieve pain. You will leave this seminar with effective techniques for treating disorders such as whiplash, military neck and other types of neck pain, as well as tension headache syndromes
Pain Mechanisms of Low Back  (21 CEUs)
Learn how abnormal amounts of tilt, rotation, flexion/extension and projection distort the spine, pelvis and sacroiliac joints. Examine torque as the primary force that destroys lumbar disks. Learn evaluation and treatment techniques to ensure that the pelvis, as the body's center of gravity, is balanced and stable. Special emphasis is placed on understanding the tonus requirements of the muscles of the low back and hips, and how these requirements cause pain and instability. You will also learn how structural dysfunction in the neck, shoulders and feet often cause low back pain.
Shoulder, Upper Torso, Spinal Column & Extremities (21 CEUs) 
Learn how distortions in the horizontal planes of the body ( the cranial base, shoulder, girdle, pelvis, and talus joint of the ankle) cause pain and inflammation in the shoulder region. Discover why it's essential to properly release the associated muscles to maintain a straight spine. You will explore how distortions in the shoulder girdle cause momentum to be internalized in the soft tissues in the body and the facet joints of the thoracic and cervical regions. In addition, you will study the proper release techniques of the three compartments of the lower leg.
TMJ Dysfunction, Hands, Feet & Eyes (27 CEUs)
Learn how structural distortions can work their way up the postural chain and how the abnormal pull of various muscles in the neck, shoulder and spine can affect the temporomandibular joint (TMJ). Discover how abnormal occlusion can inversely cause tension in the neck and shoulders, as well as cause distortions in the cranium that can lead to scoliotic patterns. You will also learn techniques for treating the neuromuscular components of carpal tunnel syndrome as well as distortions and pain in the hands, fingers, feet and toes.
Neuromuscular Components of Cranial Decompression and Scoliosis(27 CEUs)
Learn effective techniques to normalize the soft-tissue components of structural imbalances in the cranium. Analyze cranial distortions that cause structural changes down the entire postural chain. Take an in-depth look at scoliosis as a adaptation process designed by the body to maintain structural homeostasis. This course examines soft-tissue causes of scoliotic patterns, how torsion and structural imbalances in the cranium, jaw, shoulders, pelvis and feet contribute to these patterns.
Emotional / Structural Balancing with Bach Flower Essences (27 CEUs)
Learn how to integrate emotional wellbeing with structural balance by using the Flower Essence discovered by Dr Edward Bach. You will learn the basic nature of the conflict between the mind and the soul that causes DISEASE in the physical tissues of the body. Discover which emotions increase or decrease the tonus mechanisms of the body, and learn the causes of depression, fear, guilt and anger and how to eliminate them from your own life as well as your patient's lives.
Organ Massage & Structural Balancing (27 CEUs)
Learn the inter-relationship between form (anatomy) and function (physiology), and how the forces of tilt, rotation, flexion, extension and projection exert their force on organs, altering their position in the body and how they perform life-sustaining functions. Learn how to locate and massage organs in order to decrease the neurological activity of the viscera and restore the body to homeostasis. It will become obvious how visceral somatic reflexes contribute to herniated discs, headaches, back pain, and distorted breathing patterns.
Atlas-Axis Mobilization & Cervical Stabilization (27 CEUs)
Learn how to normalize the position of the atlas mechanism using soft tissue mobilization techniques designed to relieve pressure on the brain stem where vital pain centers exist. Learn why the distortion of the atlas and axis vertebrae can directly influence five cranial nerves as well as severally distort the dura mater. Research has shown that distortion of the upper cervical anatomy dramatically influences conditions such as headaches and migraines, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), the formation of scoliotic patterns, speech distortion patterns, and hearing disorders.



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