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NMT Fast Track : Neuromuscular Immersion Program

13 Consecutive days of Hands-On NMT bodywork.

Week #1: NMT 1-3  Week #2: NMT 4-5

What does the program involve?

Take all five seminars necessary for CNMT certification in as little as two weeks!  This is a fully integrated and comprehensive approach to Neuromuscular Therapy with more hands-on work than ever before, plus greater emphasis on postural analysis, NMT charting & treatment planning. Comprehensive review sessions, practical & written test preparation plus testing for NMT 1 through 5 given during the course. All you need to do following the Fast Track program is complete your proficiency portfolio for CNMT status!

How do I enroll in the NMT Fast Track?

To attend in the NMT Fast Track you need to enroll in our comprehensive certification program, NMT PRO. Once enrolled in the NMT PRO you may take the NMT Fast Track one week at a time or two weeks altogether, whatever works best with your schedule. For costs, our in-house financing option, and other information about the NMT PRO explore the following link.

What if I have already taken some of your courses?

If you have already taken some of our courses and would like to attend our NMT Fast Track we would love to have you attend. There is however, no way for us to address every possible situation on the internet. If you find yourself in this situation please contact our offices and speak to one of our staff about your specific situation. We have alot of experience in customizing this program to fit our students needs and will talk you through the process.

Does this sound like the program for you?
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