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Portfolio Guidelines

To complete the CNMT certification process, a student must compile and submit a written portfolio. The portfolio is designed to demonstrate that (1) the student can apply their NMT training to "real world" situations, (2) the student has learned proper record keeping for NMT treatments, and (3) the student is experienced in interacting with the medical community as part of their treatment protocol. A score of 80% or higher is required for portfolio approval. If a student's portfolio is not approved, it will be returned and the student will have 30 days to revise and resubmit the portfolio. .

Required Contents

1. One Initial Evaluation: This is the postural and palpatory assessment and notes from your first treatment with a patient. This must be a different patient than those patients selected for your two case studies. Attach patient feedback form in addition to the following information:

  • Basic Information: basic patient information, type of injury and date of occurrence (if applicable); reason for seeking treatment, and other complaints and their duration
  • Objective Findings: a postural evaluation, gait evaluation, and examination of tissues
  • Medical History: diagnoses, X-Ray or MRI findings, ordered treatments; other relevant information including accident reports, heredity or environmental factors, and any orthodics used; other injuries or surgeries; prescribed medications (include dosage and purpose for each), and any homeopathic remedies used
  • Recommendations: your opinion about why the symptoms exist and what treatment plan is needed, including frequency of visits.

2. One Evaluation-Findings Letter To A Physician: This is a written assessment of your initial evaluation of one of the three patients used in your portfolio to his/her treating or referring medical doctor. This letter will refer to either the patient in your initial evaluation (above) or to the initial evaluation for one of your required case study patients. In your letter, include pertinent information about the St. John Method of NMT as it relates to that particular patient. The purpose of including this letter is to demonstrate how you organize your evaluation findings for a medical professional.

3. One Case History Of A Patient With Major Complaint Related To NMT 2 Musculature. Include a representative sampling of your notes that shows a progression in the patient's condition over time. You do not need to include notes, documents and charting for every visit, but enough visits to show the positive changes that have occurred (5 - 10 visits is an appropriate range). Each case history must include the initial evaluation information, treatment plan, treatment notes and postural assessments, results, and maintenance program.
4. One Case History Of A Patient With Major Complaint Related To NMT 3 Musculature. Same guidelines as first case study described above.

5. Letter To A Dentist Explaining How Postural Distortion Affects TMJ Function. This letter and the others required in your portfolio do not need to have been actually sent out, but they should be of a quality that could be sent out. Include pertinent information about the St. John Method of NMT, such as how Hilton's Law relates to problem or explaining the relationship of NMT and postural distortion to TMJ.

6. A Promotional Letter For Your Business. This may be to a chiropractor, health club, personal trainer, physician, etc. Be sure that the information contained in your letter is relevant to the interest of the intended recipient. The letter should also include an introduction of yourself and information about the St. John Method of NMT as it relates to postural distortion and dysfunctional biomechanics. Give an example of your treatment programs and offer a free demonstration, lecture or request a meeting, etc.

Any professional format is acceptable. However, do not send your portfolio in a bulky notebook or binder. Our file space is limited and bulky covers will be discarded. Include a title page before each section of the portfolio with your name, phone number and date of submission.
A useful format for organizing and categorizing your treatment notes is what we refer to as the SOAP Format:

  • Subjective -what the patient says, thinks or what they tell you about what other health professionals have told them about their condition
  • Objective - what you have seen, measured, palpated, done or diagnoses communicated to you directly by a physician that is accurate and not hearsay
  • Assessment - your opinion about the patient's condition (NOT a postural assessment)
  • Plan - what you are going to do



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